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Electrical Services

Adria Electric’s comprehensive services include design builds for a variety of projects and the installation and servicing of all wiring, including for the building’s lighting, power, and safety systems.

We have the fully qualified specialists and resources to handle a wide variety of projects and strive to ensure that any disruptions in service are kept to a minimum while work is being completed.

We have extensive experience with residential properties, from single-family homes to condominium complexes and apartment towers, offering a range of solutions to accommodate your specific requirements.

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Safety and Security
Maintenance Systems
Standby Power Generators
Electrical System Upgrades
Fire Alarm Upgrades

Electrical Upgrades

Occasionally, your electrical system might need to be upgraded if your business has expanded into a larger facility or if you have new equipment that requires more power to operate. Even if you’ve had no issues in the past, your current systems may be unable to address the new demands for power.

This could cause future power disruptions and might even result in costly repairs. Adria Electric can help to upgrade your electrical system. Contact us for an estimate if you’re considering upgrading your electrical distribution network and hardware.

Fire and Safety

Our electricians work with addressable fire alarm systems, installing new systems and maintaining, inspecting, and repairing existing systems. We also conduct regular testing of fire alarms and provide clients with official certification for their systems.

In addition to alarms, we also install emergency safety lighting and assist with the relocation of fire alarm systems that may be necessary during construction or renovation work.

Standby Power Generators

Adria Electric provides standby backup generator installation and maintenance services for commercial and residential projects.

Our fully qualified electricians ensure your project is completed properly the first time providing high-quality workmanship every time. We are experts in backup generator installation and maintenance. We can help determine the right standby generator model required for your project.

EV Charging Stations

The number of electric vehicles on Canada’s roads is expected to increase substantially in the coming years. This has opened up a wealth of opportunities for qualified electricians that also have expertise in installing and maintaining electrical vehicle (EV) power systems.

If you’ve recently bought an electric vehicle, we install charging units in residential properties, ensuring that your home is provided with the correct voltage for the vehicle, as well as surge protection. We also repair EV units when required and offer maintenance programs and check-ups of your EV charger.

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