Commercial, Industrial, and Residential electrical in BC since 1978.
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Our clients repeatedly trust us with their business: banks, global brand retailers, pharmacies, restaurants, car dealerships, and various other commercial clients have come to Adria Electric to deliver on the most demanding needs with demanding timelines. We have provided unique electrical distributions and sophisticated lighting solutions for small and large businesses operating in BC. Local retailers and global enterprises have put their brand in our hands rest assured that our electrical work will satisfy the needs of all their business workflows to the delight of their customers.

Working with the best engineers in BC, Adria Electric has delivered mission critical power systems in the most demanding industrial environments. When downtime is measured in thousands of dollars an hour, we understand the signficance of reliable and robust electrical systems. We specialize in redundant and uninterruptable power supplies that todays producers and manufacturers require. We have scaled existing systems to satisfy rapid growth in production and allowed businesses to continue delivering their product to their customers.

Our residential portfolio speaks for itself. Adria Electric has built a strong reputation for delivering residential projects on time with high quality. Through many years of experience we have tuned our capability to deliver residential projects of all scales with extreme efficiency. From multi-tower complexes to single family dwellings, we have supplied electrical service to some of the most stunning properties in BC. Our own standards of quality are beyond the expectations of clients and civil requirements. With the razor-thin margins of today we have a keen focus on budget; supported by decades-old relationships with suppliers that provide us with the most competitive prices on materials available.

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